FANTY Adult Games: Games for Seduction & Flirting

FANTY Adult Games: Games for Seduction & Flirting
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  • This Application offers you a comprehensive collection of ready-to-use DATE SCENARIOS. These games for two will ensure an EASY, FAST and carefree start of a relationship.
Games for Seduction & FlirtingGames for Seduction & FlirtingGames for Seduction & FlirtingGames for Seduction & FlirtingGames for Seduction & FlirtingGames for Seduction & FlirtingGames for Seduction & FlirtingGames for Seduction & FlirtingGames for Seduction & FlirtingGames for Seduction & FlirtingGames for Seduction & Flirting


This Application offers a comprehensive range of ready-to-use DATE SCENARIOS. Each scenario is a separate game, for a game is the easiest way to start a relationship. From a CASUAL MEETING in a club or in the street, to the first DATE or a holiday LOVE AFFAIR; from a cup of tea in a bistro, to sharing coffee in bed. These games help with a QUICK, EASY and carefree start of a relationship. After all, LOVE is always a game; the most fascinating and interesting game in life. Keeping handy its ready-made scenarios, you will be able to change your private life dramatically. Your love life will become amazingly RICH and fantastically INTERESTING.

What the games are for

  • How to APPROACH a person who took your fancy?
  • How to set up a DATE, and how to structure your conversation?
  • How to move on from chatting on a dating site to a real DATE?
  • How to spend intriguingly a romantic date?
  • How to MOVE ON TO INTIMACY, or to propose it?
  • What to do to be “at top level” in bed TOGETHER?
  • How to start a SEX ENCOUNTER easy and failure-proof?
  • How to SEDUCE a person without running the risk of being accused of sexual harassment?

FANTY games will eliminate these questions. One’s inhibitions will be forgotten, relationships will form naturally, and you’ll have a lot of fun together. At the same time nobody will accuse you of sexual harassment, because it is just a voluntary game in which each of you is free to make his own decisions.

FANTY Collection Includes:

This Collection includes six different adult games.

Games “The First Date”, “Private Date”, “Path to Bed”, and “Date in Bed” form the “Four Dates” sequence. How many dates do you need to get intimate? How do you run them? A lot of psychologists believe that if by the fourth date no intimacy has been initiated, you are not a match.

FANTY games are “step-by-step” scenarios of these four dates. The initial approach, the first date, the first kissing session, the second date of a more intimate kind, and, finally, going to bed as the best place to get to know a person. There is nothing obscene about it; this is life, and many people have real problems in their private lives. At the same time, each of these games is self-sufficient. It is the “warming-up tempo” that makes a difference, and the possible endings of each date are different too. Each game can be terminated at any moment; even so, you will still have your enjoyment and fun together.

Summer Fling is a special game that will delight those who enjoy a bit of romance on vacation. The main goal of this erotic game is to ensure an easy, prompt introduction, followed by the seduction of a woman, or the conquest of a man, while on a holiday.

Those who love “bedroom adventures” will like the game “Pepper”. This special game will help either lovers or those who want to lure somebody into bed quickly to spend romantic date fascinatingly.

“Pepper”, as well as “Date in bed”, are ideal games for LOVERS.

How to Play the Games

The game “FANTY” consists in accomplishing fascinating tasks-fanties by its participants; the roles are distributed by a toss-up. There are 48 tasks in each game. Each game has four levels of “frankness”, getting more “immodest” as the game advances and gradually helping players to relax. Along with its simplicity, the game excites individuals very much, allowing its participants to rid themselves of psychological constraints, have fun and enjoy themselves.

These games do not require any special preparation; however, for some of them certain accessories might come handy – you will find the list in the Settings for the game, as well as in the first assignment (Card Zero). You might need strawberries, champagne, massage oil… or something along these lines, depending on the nature of the game.

FANTY games are user-friendly. Applying special setups, you can come up with a customized scenario of your date, adding your own assignments or excluding some. For instance, you can rule out the assignments with kisses, undressing, etc. If you speak two different languages and communication is a problem, you can exclude those assignments that involve a lot of talking. Thus, honoring your partner’s special requirements and the specific situation of your date, you can add a special touch to your interaction. The date will go without a glitch, and you will both feel very comfortable.

While developing these games, practically all modern methods of APPROACH and SEDUCTION were taken into account, and the initiator can be either a MAN or a WOMAN. These are games-technologies, games-scenarios, games-provocateurs. Moreover, they are specifically designed to help people enhance their PRIVATE LIFE.

“INTRODUCTION and Get-Together Strategies”. This Application will make it easy for you to approach the person you fancy and to get him or her involved in a game.

You can download for FREE this Application, that include adult game “The First Date”.


How to approach a person and get him/her involved in a game.

Sometimes we tend to overcomplicate our private lives. Taking introductions or relationships too seriously, we limit our own possibilities. Love, in fact, is a game, and as long as you perceive it as such, you will achieve success with ease. The six Fanty games-scenarios will enrich your intimate life; however, to help you tune in to the playful type of relationships, we came up with special suggestions. They are deliberately formulated in a simple, straightforward way. Try not to complicate matters. Act exactly the way we suggest, and you will soon learn to build intimate relationships in an easy, uncomplicated way. So. How to approach a person you fancy, get him/her involved in a game and proceed to intimacy?

We offer a comprehensive TECHNIQUE.

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