FANTY Adult Games: Adult Games for Parties

FANTY Adult Games: Adult Games for Parties
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  • This Application is a Collection of unique FANTY games for adult parties and having FUN at your get-togethers.
Adult Games for PartiesAdult Games for PartiesAdult Games for PartiesAdult Games for PartiesAdult Games for PartiesAdult Games for PartiesAdult Games for PartiesAdult Games for PartiesAdult Games for PartiesAdult Games for Parties


COLLECTIVE games “FANTY” are for those who love to HAVE FUN with FRIENDS. Either at a casual get-together, a special event or at a corporate function, fun is guaranteed for all. These games are a great new way to “chill out”.

These are fascinating “Fanty” games for a group of adults up to 20 people, they require at least 2 male and 2 female participants. The goal is to help everybody to relax and have a good time together. A “good time” doesn’t mean doldrum remarks about the weather or cracking stale jokes, you can get creative with “adult jokes” and laugh the whole way through.

These “Fanty” GAMES ARE FOR those who:

  • are bored with dull PARTIES;
  • love to HAVE real FUN while socializing;
  • are sick and tired of boring GATHERINGS around the table;
  • are searching for ready-made SCENARIOS for cool PARTIES.

The games, included into Collection, differ from each other, and each of them has a specific character.

“PARTY” is ideal for an INFORMAL PARTY, or a friendly get-together. It is specifically designed for such purposes, and it will be of great help in organizing such events.

“HOT SHOTS” is designed for a “warmer” and MORE UNINHIBITED GATHERING, but is also very unorthodox, fascinating and funny. This game is more “adult”, and its jokes are for those who are not committed to very strict morals and manners. And that is why it is exclusive.

How to Play the Games

The game “FANTY” consists in accomplishing fascinating tasks-fanties by its participants; the roles are distributed by a toss-up. There are 48 tasks in each game. Each game has four levels of “frankness”, getting more “immodest” as the game advances and gradually helping players to relax. Along with its simplicity, the game excites individuals very much, allowing its participants to rid themselves of psychological constraints, have fun and enjoy themselves.

These games do not require any special preparation; however, for some of them certain accessories might come handy – you will find the list in the Settings for the game, as well as in the first assignment (Card Zero). You might need strawberries, champagne … or special sex toys, depending on the nature of the game.

FANTY games are user-friendly. Applying special setups, you can come up with a customized scenario of your game, adding your own assignments or excluding some. For instance, you can rule out the assignments with anal sex, tough domineering and other things that might bother you. Thus the game will, on one hand, become more thrilling and, on the other, fully comfortable, for you won’t have to skip the assignments you do not like.

You can download for FREE this Application that includes game PARTY.

Available Games

Adult Game PARTY

Adult Game HOT SHOTS

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