FANTY Adult Games: Adult Games for Couples

FANTY Adult Games: Adult Games for Couples
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  • This Application is a Collection of unique FANTY sex games that will add oil to the flame of your love and bring a fresh streak to the family sex.
Adult Games for CouplesAdult Games for CouplesAdult Games for CouplesAdult Games for CouplesAdult Games for CouplesAdult Games for CouplesAdult Games for CouplesAdult Games for CouplesAdult Games for CouplesAdult Games for CouplesAdult Games for Couples


It is common knowledge that ROUTINE is the main enemy of intimacy, and monotony kills LOVE. As time goes on, BOREDOM and habit crawl into every bed. Unfortunately, it is a fact.

Some people accept it, some rebel against it, some start an alternative relationship or change partners, hoping that things will get better. While there is an alternative recipe: just ADD OIL TO THE FLAME. That’s the essence of these unique “family” Fanty games that will help you to shake the dust of time off your LOVE.

These games will help you to better understand each other and forget your inhibitions, they will chase away shyness, remove barriers and conventions, since a game is the best way to experiment and try new things.

Who needs these games:

These games are a MUST for those who:

  • prefer the current partner to adulterous love affairs;
  • hate to see their marital sex become lackluster with time;
  • want to involve the old partner in a thrilling chase for new pleasures;
  • want to break the monotony of their intimate life with sex role playing games;
  • enjoy new sexual positions and experiments in bed;
  • would like to try sex toys, but have no clue how to do it, or are embarrassed to offer it to the partner.

These games are part provocation, part tuition, part a new way to shed your inhibitions and to get maximum pleasure from your lovemaking. Refined methods, unusual sex position, new look on the techniques, sex role playing games, expert use of sex toys – a lot of people have no notion what a potential they still have!

The Collection Includes

This Collection includes nine sex games for couples. They are:

  • series of four sex games that will help you to bring a fresh emotional streak to your intimate life;
  • series of four sex games will appeal to those couples who like to experiment and always look for something really hot.
  • game that will turn your family holiday into an incredible romantic adventure.

The first game, Oil to the Flame, is the beginning of your ‘ascent to Paradise,’ meaning your nuptial bedroom. It is not a joke, that’s what is in store for you. From this point on, things will be getting hotter and hotter. From game to game, step by step, you will discover new, unusual, thrilling things. Every next game will offer bolder experiments, stronger emotions, more intense sensations. You might decide to stop at some point, for Game 8, Adult Amusement, is really extreme… Or you might just pause, for intense emotions do bring people closer; and what is going on in your bedroom is no one’s business. In any case, you will soon forget about boredom in bed – and about unfaithfulness. As to where you will end up, in Paradise or in a debauchery den, it is entirely up to you.

How to Play the Games

The game “FANTY” consists in accomplishing fascinating tasks-fanties by its participants; the roles are distributed by a toss-up. There are 48 tasks in each game. Each game has four levels of “frankness”, getting more “immodest” as the game advances and gradually helping players to relax. Along with its simplicity, the game excites individuals very much, allowing its participants to rid themselves of psychological constraints, have fun and enjoy themselves.

These sex games are permeated with beautiful eroticism. Some assignments feature custom-made illustrations that show the most popular, sensuous and thrilling sexual positions that you are about to try. Playing FANTY, you will discover their special features, the best combinations, and which ones are ideal for oral, which ones for anal sex.

These games do not require any special preparation; however, for some of them certain accessories might come handy – you will find the list in the Settings for the game, as well as in the first assignment (Card Zero). You might need strawberries, champagne … or special sex toys, depending on the nature of the game.

FANTY games are user-friendly. Applying special setups, you can come up with a customized scenario of your game, adding your own assignments or excluding some. For instance, you can rule out the assignments with anal sex, tough domineering and other things that might bother you. Thus the game will, on one hand, become more thrilling and, on the other, fully comfortable, for you won’t have to skip the assignments you do not like.

These unique games are intended for two people. They offer a new formula of PRESERVATION OF LOVE. Do remember that most divorces result from sexual frustration. Once you accept that your conjugal sex has turned into a routine, and your lovemaking is getting more and more lackluster, you might expect adultery, and should forget about a stable relationship.

These games will help you to stay together when you feel that your relationship is dwindling, for your sex life at home will again become passionate and satisfying. You will actually rediscover each other.

You can download for FREE this Application that includes an adult game Oil to the Flame.

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