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FANTY Adult Games: About FANTY Games

FANTY is a new generation of unique adult games.

These are not computer games, but REAL LIFE games for “live” communication. They make one’s PRIVATE LIFE more elaborate, rich and colorful. It is not only an entertaining pastime, but a real solution to psychological problems in building and maintaining relationships. “FANTY” games help MEN and WOMEN to forget about complexes and to relax. Whether you want to set up a DATE, wish “to add oil to the flame” of your old LOVE, or plan to have some fun with a COMPANY of friends, “FANTY” games will cater for all occasions. Moreover, these games are incredibly amusing and fascinating. All you need is to just start playing.

WHY You Need FANTY Games

Are there many people who are truly satisfied with their private life, who can easily approach a person of the opposite sex, who have as many dates as they wish, or those who are satisfied with their marital sex?

There are a lot of books, special courses and training sessions on making the first contact, seduction and preservation of family; however, most of them are difficult to apply in real life.

Unlike such books and courses, “FANTY” games are a SIMPLE and EFFICIENT practical method of building relationships between men and women. After all, the psychologists believe that a game is the most EFFECTIVE strategy of building a relationship. Actually, the game “FANTY” is a new formula to a successful private life.


“FANTY” games are divided into THREE categories:


The “FANTY” games are  simple, but very fascinating. The concept of the game “FANTY” is to give the players various special assignments (fanty) according to roles, which are distributed at random. Getting more exciting as the game advances, these assignments help players to RELAX and to ENJOY the experience while HAVING real FUN.


These thrilling adult games are really exclusive. While designing these games, we took into account and used pretty much EVERYTHING that pertains to LOVE: from the most effective introduction and seduction strategies to the techniques of preserving your family, from the modern outlook on sex freedom and its wholesomeness to analytical research in sex industry.

The game “FANTY” has deep historical roots. It is first mentioned in the books of 19th century, when the game was very popular in Russia. The name of the games is driven from the German word “pfand” which means “pledge”. The offered version of the game “FANTY” is slightly updated; however, its main principles remained the same.

FANTY Adult Games

  • FANTY Adult Games - Games for Seduction & Flirting
    This Application offers you a comprehensive range of ready-made SCENARIOS of dates, from an INTRODUCTION in a club or in the street, to the first DATE or a SUMMER FLING, from a cup of coffee in a café to sharing a COFFEE IN BED. It is a QUICK, EASY and fun way to start a relationship.►►►
  • FANTY Adult Games - Adult Games for Couples
    This Application features sex games for those who do not want to tolerate either adultery, or boredom in bed. We know that HABIT is intimacy’s main enemy, and monotony kills LOVE. These games will help you to better understand each other, they will bring novelty and emotions into your marital sex.►►►
  • FANTY Adult Games - Adult Games for Parties
    This Application offers phone games for those who like to have FUN TOGETHER. These are ready-made SCENARIOS of incredible PARTIES. With Fanties, you will find them quick and easy to organize. Once you begin to play, you will relax and forget about inhibitions; you will share an INCREDIBLE time together.►►►
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