Contemporary outlook on intimate relations between men and women. Love, sex, freedom, restrictions. That is the sphere of my interests both as a writer and philosopher. I analyze, write, rationalize, offer solutions. Solutions for happiness, harmony, love quests and love preservation, solutions that help to enjoy life.

I work hard, for I face a major challenge: modern people are selfish, this world is full of cynicism, love is for sale and sex is degraded. Is it possible to come up with a positive philosophy of sexuality, should we put up a fight for normal relations between sexes, is it possible to help people to achieve harmony and to enjoy life? My personal answer is yes.

I really want everyone’s private life to be robust and harmonious.

  • How do you interact with the opposite sex?
  • What is our sexuality, how can it be improved?
  • How to find love and make it last?
  • How important is sex in our lives?
  • Should we set up limits in intimate life?
  • How do we make our private life more colorful?
  • How do we learn new sex techniques?
  • How to avoid boredom and routine in bed?
  • How to keep your partner and to steer clear from adultery?

I help people to find the right answers to those questions, and to become happy.

Novels, stories, novellas, essays, adult games… I have one single goal, to make people think, to offer a possible solution to a problem, to teach something new, to help and to involve.

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